Bringing innovation to market

Cv2 Nordic is an insight and innovative consultancy firm. We work in partnership with both leading global brands and local entrepreneurs to unlock growth in a world where competition is fierce and digital has disrupted everything.


Entrepreneurial to our roots, we take inspiration from the latest market methods and trends. We believe that to be successful today companies must bring their new products and innovative solutions to market as quickly and as iteratively as the agile consumers and companies that they now serve.


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Innovation bridge

We believe in building a bridge between research, innovation and market. New businesses needs help to open doors and uncover unmet needs and identify new markets to unearth growth opportunities.


We devise effective, adaptive marketing strategies to drive long-term engagement and growth. By this we speed up the process of introducing new products and innovative solutions to the market.

Business models

We use business models to describe how your organization create and deliver value. We evaluate, test and optimize your business model based on feedback from target customers.

Business network

We use our global business network to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. Working with us will bring your innovation, ideas and solutions to a better position in the market faster and cheaper.